Photon EDU Browser Taps On Unlimited Educational Content To Bring Fun Into Learning On Tablets

Photon EDU makes learning engaging with flash

Photon EDU, the #1 educational browser with flash support on iPad for schools, revolutionizes the way kids play and learn. Photon EDU takes on its biggest challenge yet – making learning fun and engaging for both girls and boys in a world full of worksheets. Photon EDU turns boring subjects into a creative and interactive experience through facilitation of educational games available online such as Mathletics & Nat Geo Kids.

Based on the Photon Flash Browser (#1 on the US App Store), Flash-based educational videos, games and textbooks are now possible on the iPad. Complete with features such as Web Filtering and Device Management, schools and students can use the Internet as a learning tool in the classroom with complete confidence.

Photon EDU uses cloud streaming technology to bring popular features

Using advanced Cloud Streaming technology, Photon EDU runs your Flash website in our high speed servers, before sending it back to your iPad in real time.

In addition, the built-in Web Filters will prevent your students from accessing unwanted or even undesirable sites, by filtering sites at the URL/Domain level. Schools can access the Whitelist / Blacklist to allow or block access to additional websites.

1. Adobe Flash Support

Photon EDU brings the latest Adobe Flash support to the iPad, through the Cloud. Enter ‘Flash Mode’ to view e-textbooks, educational videos and play Flash games from Pearson, Funbrain, Mathletics, Nat Geo Kids.
Photon EDU Flash Browser for iPad

2. Web Filtering

Use the internet as a powerful learning tool, while protecting the safety of your students. With a built-in web filter, educators will not have to worry about students accessing unwanted sites in the classrooms.
Photon EDU Flash Browser for iPad

Since web filtering is done in the Cloud, it works whether you are in school, at home or at the beach. This makes Photon EDU the perfect browser for schools with 1-1 iPad programs, where students are allowed to bring their iPads home.


3. Device Management

With the Photon EDU Web Console, Administrators can view usage information, monitor web activity and set restrictions across all iPads in real time.
Photon EDU Flash Browser for iPad

4. 4+ Rating

Photon EDU is approved with a 4+ rating on the Apple App Store, making it the few browsers compatible with iPads with Age Restriction settings swtiched to ON.
Photon EDU Flash Browser for iPad

5. Pre-approved Educational Sites

Choose from some of our favourite educational sites pre-screened by educators, or add your own custom quick links.

Are you trying to access a blocked site in your classroom? Whitelist specific sites in the Web Console (Site License needed) to make additional sites available across your school’s iPads.

Photon EDU has resonated with kids, teachers, and parents worldwide and has found its way into several schools and households around the world. Photon EDU is available on the app store at 4.99USD, a small amount to gain the ability to access unlimited flash educational content. To download the app, visit the iTunes store.

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