Feathero: Make New Friends App

A new site, Feathero, allows people to make new friends based on similarity and proximity. On the site, you scroll through polls and friends get matched to you simply based on the topics that you are interested in.

Make New Friends

Everyone likes people like themselves! Find buddies for common activities, trade advice for a skill and get to know other perspectives. Make new friends who are similar in interests, opinions and personality! What’s more on Feathero, you can set the range of proximity of people to discover! Now you can make new friends scientifically!

Understand Old Friends

Ever wondered who in your list of friends are most similar to you? Ever wondered which of your friends have the same opinions as you? Ever wondered how you friends thought? Now find out how similar your interests, opinions and personality are with your old friends. Do they think the same way as you do? What is it about them that you didn’t know? Find out on Feathero which of your friends are similar or different from you!

Voice Heard, Questions Answered

Get to know what people are curious about and give your input. Let your friends know your everyday quirks, what goes through your mind and your stance on topics!
Have a question to ask? Post a question and get responses! See how many people on Feathero share your view and how many don’t!

make new friends

Update: The mobile version is out. You can read more about it here.

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