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How To Find Friends

So, how do you find and make friends? There are many ways to find friends and these ways have evolved over time as well. Two decades ago, you would maybe write to a penpal to find friends. One decade ago, you would maybe go to chatrooms to find friends. Today, you can combine both in the convenience of a mobile app to find friends.

Feathero Friend Finder – find, make, meet & chat with new friends

Feathero Friend Finder was released on the app store for both iOS and Android to help people find friends. There is even a web version on its desktop site. The app uses an algorithm that analyzes your responses to poll questions on the app, and match you with people who haves similar preferences and opinions. This method of to find friends is based on the assumption that people who are similar tend to have more lasting friendships.

It is granted that the app advocates that you find friends who are similar to you to build strong friendship bonds. If you actually prefer to find friends who are different than yourself, Feathero is coming up with a feature to allow you to sort similarities and find friends who are most different to you.

find friends

If you would like to know more about Feathero, you can read the review articles and introductions to the app here and here.

Tinder App

Many people use Tinder, the dating app, in the hopes of finding friends because it has the most buzz and press coverage. Tinder is great for finding dating partners, and many users open the app to find companions for an evening. While this works great for people looking for romantic partners, people finding friends often find themselves matched to an uninterested party looking for dates or hookups.

In essence, use Tinder to find dates and Feathero to find friends.

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