How To Block Ads On Safari For iPhone and iPad


Stop pop-up ads and adware in Safari If the advertisements are annoying, know that you can block ads on safari for iphone and ipad. Here are Apple’s recommendations on how to control pop-up ads and ad-injection software (adware): Stopping pop-up ads To control pop-ups, update your software and adjust Safari settings. In some cases, you might need to remove […]

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 Feathero: Make New Friends App


A new site, Feathero, allows people to make new friends based on similarity and proximity. On the site, you scroll through polls and friends get matched to you simply based on the topics that you are interested in. Make New Friends Everyone likes people like themselves! Find buddies for common activities, trade advice for a skill […]

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 Best Mobile Apps To Use For Making International Calls

Best Mobile Apps To Use For Making International Calls After going through the various mobile apps that facilitate international calls, here are the top 3 mobile apps to use for making international calls. They have minimal commitment and charges based on calling amounts.   Ringo Ringo is pay-as-you and charges you according to calling rates. […]

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 How does the iPhone GPS Work Without Signal or Reception?

best microsoft office app for iphone

Almost all modern smartphones have built in GPSes, making it one of the must-have features today. With this GPS used together with a mapping service, the smartphone is able to determine real-time position tracking, enabling useful features such as turn-by-turn navigation, as well as receiving or sharing location based information. These location-based services are used […]

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