Feathero: Make New Friends App


A new site, Feathero, allows people to make new friends based on similarity and proximity. On the site, you scroll through polls and friends get matched to you simply based on the topics that you are interested in. Make New Friends Everyone likes people like themselves! Find buddies for common activities, trade advice for a skill […]

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 How Did Tinder Become Viral?


How Did Tinder Become Viral? In short, Tinder implemented growth hacking techniques that were effective. Tinder targeted campuses, hosting ‘exclusive’ frat parties at USC with admittance based on having downloaded the app, and it worked. They signed up hundreds of available singles in a geographically dense area each night. Concentration is key, particularly since they are radius based […]

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 Slot News: Maryland Casinos Drops Slot Machines

Slot News: Maryland Casinos Drops Slot Machines Maryland Casinos are starting to drop slot machines from their casinos. According to Washington Post,  casinos are removing slot games to make room for table games. At the same time, they would create “gaming zones” to congregate the remaining slot machines and increase the hype and glitz within that area. […]

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 BLE: Bluetooth Low Energy or Bluetooth Smart

Bluetooth Low Energy or Bluetooth Smart Bluetooth low energy, or Bluetooth Smart, is a technology designed and marketed by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group. Compared to the classic Bluetooth, Bluetooth Smart is more power-efficient while maintaining a similar communication range. On the other hand, the range of applications go far beyond. There are applications in […]

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