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Best Ad Blocker For iPhone

How To Choose The Best Ad Blocker For iPhone?

So there is not a one app fits all, it really depends on the features that you want. For people who want control over everything, there’s 1Blocker. For people who don’t want to be toggling too many controls, there’s Blockr and Purify. For people who don’t want to configure anything, there’s Crystal and Adamant. Choose the app that best fits your needs.

Below is a detailed review of each app, originally blogged by Lifehacker:

For People Who Want Security and Privacy: Photon

Photon Ad Block

Photon AdBlock is designed for the discerning web surfer who cares about reclaiming their own privacy and space with Safari. It is a powerful native blocker for Safari that allows you to browse websites without annoying ads and tracking. It provides a pleasant and clutter free browsing experience without the ads, protection of your privacy without websites tracking your every moves on the Internet ,reduced bandwidth consumption in your cellular plan and save data and money and faster browsing experience. Besides blocking ads and trackers, you can also block external fonts, social widgets & images. The best part is that Photon Ad Block allows you to launch Flash websites with its #1 Flash browser – Photon Flash Browser right from Safari.

For People Who Want Control Over Everything: 1Blocker

The Best Ad Blockers for iOS 9

1Blocker (Free/In-App Purchase of $2.99) is the tweaker’s dream app. The free version just blocks ads, so if you want to block anything else you’ll need to shell out the $2.99. It comes with 7,000 preinstalled blockers you can customize to your heart’s content. You can toggle settings to block ads, trackers, Twitter widgets, Facebook Widgets, share widgets, custom web fonts, Disqus comments, adult sites, entire URLs, cookies, specific page elements, and more. Since they’re all toggles, that means you can let through anything you want, which is a nice feature. You can even drill down to specific ad domains and only block the ads you really hate to see. You can even build your own blockers with the app’s web editor.

1Blocker’s not perfect, though. In fact, with all its toggles and settings, it’s incredibly bizarre that it doesn’t include a way to whitelist sites. Which is to say, if you want to support the sites you like, there’s no way to do it with 1Blocker.

For People Who Don’t Want to Tweak a Bunch of Settings: Blockr or Purify

The Best Ad Blockers for iOS 9

Blockr (99¢) is a content blocker that sits in the Goldilocks zone of optional settings. It has individual toggles to block ads, media (like images or video), cookies, social buttons, and a more general privacy button. You can also easily add sites to a whitelist. Blockr’s powered by its own ad blocking list, so it’s hard to say exactly how useful it’ll be in the long term.

Purify ($3.99) is yet another option in the same space. It gives you toggles for ads, images, scripts, and fonts, while letting you whitelist any sites you want. You can also easily add any site you’re currently visiting in Safari to your whitelist with a share extension, which is a nice benefit if you want to quickly add your favorites. Purify doesn’t list where it gets it ad blocking list from, but its list seems pretty extensive so far.

For People Who Don’t Want to Configure Anything: Crystal or Adamant

The Best Ad Blockers for iOS 9

Crystal (99¢) takes an all or nothing approach and doesn’t have any settings whatsoever. Just install Crystal and it will block ads and user tracking on every page you visit. This all or nothing approach means you can’t whitelist sites, but it also means there’s no settings to mess around with.

Adamant supposedly works the same way and will be free once it launches in the App Store, though we haven’t had a chance to test it since it’s not available yet.

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