Ex-Googlers Aim to Take the Stress Out of Learning with Educational Game

New Educational Game Uses Reflective AI Tech and Real-Time Feedback To Truly Understand Concepts in an Environment Where Even Wrong Answers Are Part of the Fun Originally posted by Webwire Osmo, the award-winning platform revolutionizing the way kids play and learn on the iPad, releases a new spin on math with the launch of educational game, […]

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 Photon EDU Browser Taps On Unlimited Educational Content To Bring Fun Into Learning On Tablets


Photon EDU makes learning engaging with flash Photon EDU, the #1 educational browser with flash support on iPad for schools, revolutionizes the way kids play and learn. Photon EDU takes on its biggest challenge yet – making learning fun and engaging for both girls and boys in a world full of worksheets. Photon EDU turns boring subjects into a creative […]

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 How To Block Ads On Safari For iPhone and iPad


Stop pop-up ads and adware in Safari If the advertisements are annoying, know that you can block ads on safari for iphone and ipad. Here are Apple’s recommendations on how to control pop-up ads and ad-injection software (adware): Stopping pop-up ads To control pop-ups, update your software and adjust Safari settings. In some cases, you might need to remove […]

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